FE&C's first work began in 2001 when the company began remediating burial grounds at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation for the US Department of Energy and its subcontractors.  By 2002, FE&C was also performing construction services to facilities at Hanford.  In 2003, FE&C was awarded its first new construction project, yet continued to excel at environmental remediation and facilities upgrade projects.

In 2005, FE&C began to expand its services into other regions.  FE&C spent seven years in the United Kingdom, involved in the strategic planning effort for the decommissioning of the Magnox reactors throughout that country.  

By 2008, FE&C was working in several different market sectors, having performed construction, demolition, and envrionmental remediation work in the mining and power industries.  This was also the first year FE&C performed work for the United States Army Corps of Engineers.  Also in 2008, FE&C had expanded work into Canada, and by 2012, had performed work at  Department of Energy sites outside of Hanford.  

FE&C reached one million worker hours without a lost-time incident in 2010.  In 2016, FE&C reached its second million worker hours, continuing its legacy of safety.

Throughout our sixteen year history, FE&C has met all of our scheduling milestones and exceeded customer expectations while growing our business at an impressive rate.  And we've done it all with one of the best safety records in the construction industry.  When taking into account the highly complex and dangerous work we do, that speaks volumes.