Quality Assurance

A Robust Quality Assurance Program

All of FE&C’s past and current work performance supports these efforts by being fully committed to performing work in accordance with our Quality Assurance Program that satisfies requirements for all three of the following standards:

    •    DOE 10 CFR 830
    •    DOE Order 414.1 A, B and C
    •    ASME NQA-1 2008    
    •    USACE ER 1180-1-6
    •    EPA QA/R2

FE&C’s Quality Assurance Program is developed, implemented and maintained by experienced corporate management.  FE&C project management bears the responsibility for the achievement in quality.  In turn, each FE&C employee is responsible for the quality of his or her work, having been trained in quality assurance.  FE&C ESH&Q (Environmental, Safety, Health and Quality) personnel have extensive experience in quality assurance and quality control, industrial hygiene and safety, radiological monitoring, and document control and support systems.

FE&C’s QA program has been audited by government agencies, customers, and independent auditors and has been found to be satisfactory.  FE&C employs at least one NQA-1 Auditor on staff at all times.