Board of Directors

Richard T French, Jr.

Chairman of the Board, FE&C

Past President & CEO, FE&C
Past Vice President, Business Development, FE&C
Past Chief Financial Officer, FE&C
Past Manager of IT & Equipment, FE&C
Past Senior Project Manager, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Bill Lampson

President, Lampson International LLC

Sid Morrison

Past Washington State Secretary of Transportation
Past US Congressman
Past Washington State Senator
Past Washington State Representative

David A. Ralston

Co-Founder, Key Source Group, Inc.
Former Executive Vice President, Morrison Knudsen

Tom Logan

Former President, Bechtel Hanford, Inc.

Deputy Chief Operating Officer, British Nuclear Group Southern Bundle

Valoria Loveland

Former Washington State Secretary of Agriculture
Former Washington State Senator
Former State Senate Ways and Means Chair

Tom Jochums

Past Managing Director and Chairman, Marsh Global Surety Practice