Federal Engineers and Constructors (FE&C ) is a full-service international construction, diversified heavy industrial electrical contractor and remediation company specializing in highly technical and hazardous work. What sounds dirty, highly technical, and more than a little bit intimidating to most people is what gets us energized and ready for a challenge!  Our clients value our ability to handle the hazardous and technically challenging work that no other company is willing or able to do.

Whether it’s remediating millions of tons of material contaminated with nuclear and other hazardous substances left over from the Manhattan Project (more than any other company nationwide), upgrading a remote Hydropower facility in the mountains of Montana, or building a complex working model able to turn nuclear waste into glass, we do hazardous and highly technical work every day. 

Throughout our fifteen year history, we’ve met all our scheduling milestones and exceeded customer expectations while growing our business at an impressive rate.  And we’ve done it all with one of the best safety records (.60 EMR) in the construction industry.  When taking into account the highly complex and dangerous work we do, that speaks volumes.

You want FE&C on your project if you have a highly technical or hazardous work.  Our track record means one thing…you can trust FE&C to get it done right.