Why FE&C

Safety Record

FE&C has a demonstrated history of safe work performance on some of the most hazardous and complex work in the country.  In 2010, we celebrated our first million man-hours without a lost-time safety incident, and for the year 2011, our EMR rating is only 0.6094.  And we have had no releases, uptakes, radiological contaminations, spills, or environmental damage – ever.

We owe this success to our serious implementation of the Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS) principles and our carefully crafted safety culture

To learn more about FE&C and safety, see the “Safety First” page.


Corporate Governance

Small Business with Big Business Accountability.
  We may be classified as a small business, but our board of directors is anything but small.  Our robust board, made up of well-known business and government leaders, provide governance to our rapidly growing small business. Each person brings a unique perspective and exceptional expertise including management, construction, engineering, and environmental clean-up in governmental, energy, mining, transportation and commercial markets.  FE&C has unmatched executive leadership from across the government agency complex as well as from government and commercial clients from around the world.  In addition, FE&C’s board packs political punch, with a former US and State Congressmen and former State cabinet members, providing influential access to political leaders from all parties.

Meet our board of directors and see for yourself.



At FE&C, we’ve demonstrated time and again that we can provide in-depth services to government agencies and large commercial complexes.  FE&C has been doing dangerous work for a decade, and our team members have been doing it longer than that.  Our corporate officers, project managers, and superintendents each have over 25 years of hands-on experience in planning work from conceptual design through completion, and we maintain a core of highly skilled and trained project personnel – from management to trade.  FE&C’s 200 employees have a high level of employee satisfaction, so we have a very low turnover rate and we can keep our intellectual assets. As a result, we have the confidence it takes to look at a problem and know instantly how to proceed, both safely and efficiently.

Because we have a deep breadth of experience, we feel comfortable doing the work ourselves versus farming it out to subcontractors.  FE&C usually self-performs greater than 90% of the work on its projects.  This saves our clients time and money, and we can best control our quality and safety in this way.


Customer Satisfaction

FE&C has a strong history of customer satisfaction.  We have implemented a customer survey program, and have achieved exceptional ratings in our feedback from these surveys.  In addition, our customer satisfaction is demonstrated through repeat business.  95% of our clients have repeated business with us and we have long-standing business relationships with many large and well-known corprorations.  We are proud of our long, happy and successful relationship with our clients.



Many construction companies rely on rental equipment to get the job done.  Not at FE&C.  Because we own over $10 Million in “yellow iron” inventory, our rental needs are low and our operation is nimble.  We can mobilize for a job very quickly, which translates into a shorter project timeline.

Our equipment fleet is younger and well-maintained than most contractors.  We have an extensive fleet of mostly very large mining-type equipment including excavators, wheel-loaders, backhoes, graders, pickups, semi trucks, forklifts and cranes.  All equipment is available for lease when not in use.  Below is a small sampling of equipment owned and operated by FE&C.

Hitachi ZX 350

photo of a Hitachi ZX 350

Sterling LT9500 Roll-off Truck

photo of a Sterling LT9500 Roll-off Truck

Hitachi ZX 450

photo of a Hitachi ZX 450

Caterpillar 769 Rock Truck

photo of a Caterpillar 769 Rock Truck

Komatzu PC400 Excavator

photo of a Komatzu PC400 Excavator