Safety by the Numbers

When you work in this environment, you have to be safe

Below is a chart of our EMR, or Experience Modification Rate, a measure of our safety within our industry.  A score of 1.00 is average, and anything higher signifies less safe and below signifies more safe.  Our 2012 EMR safety rating is 0.6000.  This means that we are 40% safer than the average general contractor.  It should be noted that although we are being compared with companies that do much less hazardous work than we do – companies who have not handled even one aging drum of uranium chips or chased a single hexavalant chromium spill –  we have been able to keep our EMR almost always below the industry average since the inception of the company.  Even as our business skyrockets growth, our EMR is dropping.  When you factor in the inherent dangers associated with our projects involving nuclear and chemical hazards, this is quite a feat.

FE&C safety chart