Commercial Grade Dedication

A successful commercial-grade dedication is a two-part process (i.e., technical evaluation and acceptance) that is typically applied at the level of supply to the purchaser. 

Dedication is performed following guidelines established by the Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI) and ASME NQA-1 requirements. Specifically, EPRI NP-5652 and ASME NQA-1 Subpart 2.14 are applied under our CSA Z299.2 and 10CFR50 Appendix B quality programs.

FE&C has an established process to perform “commercial grade dedication” (CGD) services.Commercial Grade Dedication is an acceptance process undertaken to provide reasonable assurance that a CGI (Commercial Grade Item) to be used as a basic (safety-related) component will perform its intended safety function.

Critical characteristics are identified and approved by the DA (Design Authority).  FE&C develops a CGD plan based on the characteristics. These characteristics are verified as required. These attributes range from but not limited to chemical/physical analysis, dimensional verifications, source inspections, torque testing, container markings, etc. All objective evidence per the CGD plan are combined into a final data package and provide to the DA for approval.

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