As a small business, FE&C is the US leader in nuclear hazardous and waste remediation.  We have remediated more contaminated soil than any other US firm.  In total, we have provided hands-on remediation for 2.89 million bank cubic meters of excavation, 5.73 million bank cubic meters of backfill, and 32,500 linear meters of pipeline – as far as we can tell, more than anyone else in the industry.  We have successfully completed remediation for more than 150 sites and are currently working on many more.  Because of our long history with the US Department of Energy complex, we have amassed the specific knowledge that our clients seek when they want the best environmental solution.

Broad Contaminant Experience

From irradiated fuel to PCBs to hexavalent chromium, we have deep experience dealing with all types of contaminants including radionuclides, radiation (alpha, beta, and gamma), heavy metals, chemicals and activated by-products, and even explosives such as volatile organics, flammables, and ignitables.  We’ve dug up entire train cars, possible explosives, and a safe full of beakers filled with unknown chemicals.  When we dig…there is no way of knowing what we’ll find next, so we have to be prepared for anything.  Our personnel are well accustomed to working in the highest level Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  We’ve developed new methods and devices for processing deteriorating or leaking drums of nuclear hazardous waste.  And we’ve handled it all with an exceptional record of quality and safety.

Hazardous Materials Previously Encountered

appear in different forms from site to site - not necessarily detectable by sight or smell

Acids Graphite Aluminum Cladding
Asbestos Lead Contaminated Structures
Barium Palladium Elemental Mercury
Beryllium Plutonium Hexavalent Chromium
Cadmium Process Soils Lithium-Aluminum Alloy
Cesium Strontium Petroleum Products
Chromium Tritium Polychlorinated Byphenyls (PCBs)
Cobalt Uranium Pyrophoric Uranium

Decommissioning, Deactivation, Decontamination, and Demolition (D4, or D&D)

There are literally thousands of facilities that were constructed decades ago for specialized and technical purposes in the nuclear and industrial marketplaces.  Over time, the equipment within these structures has become obsolete.  Many of these facilities are large and complex, and they often contain both low-level and high-level residual radioactive waste and other hazardous material that must be remediated while the work is done.

Successful Experience FE&C has experience in this kind of challenging work in industries such as nuclear, government, military, industrial and mining.  We’ve dismantled large gold mines and safely used explosives to take down large towers.  We’ve cocooned Manhattan Project-era nuclear facilities for long-term in-situ safe storage and replaced the roof on the nation’s first large-scale plutonium reactor ever built.  We’ve demolished facilities requiring size reducing of large structures.  And we’ve done it all with attention to excellence and safety.

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